Alejandro Saenz

Self-motivated, results-driven professional with excellent people skills, strong decision making abilities, strong oral and written communication skills, and a high standard of work ethic, seeking a position that promotes learning, encourages innovation, and supports the pursuit of discovery and excellence in the fields of software engineering and application security.


Product Security Engineer

Twilio Segment
July 2021 - Present

Senior Application Security Engineer

  • Provides web application static code analysis and dynamic penetration testing
  • Develop application security assessment reporting standards and templates
  • Research and develop internal security tools to optimize team performance
  • Provide application security training including brown bags, lectures, and hands-on laboratories
  • Lead and assist technical interviews for software developer and security candidates
  • Lead developer of Bulwark an organizational asset and vulnerability management tool
September 2019 - July 2021

Senior Software Developer

  • A software development team lead responsible for assuring functional execution of sprint goals
  • Engineer and develop backend implementations, utilizing a microservice architecture, using Node.JS with the Loopback framework.
  • Engineer and develop front-end implementations using Angular 4 with typescript
  • Develop and maintain a web application coding assignment to assist with candidate interviews
  • Lead and assist technical interviews for software developer candidate
  • Perform quarterly static and dynamic web application security assessments
  • Develop application security assessment reporting standards and templates
  • Assist with developer security training
July 2018 - August 2019

Application Security Consultant

  • Engineer and develop front-end implementations of internal tools, including with microservice architectures, using TypeScript, AngularJS, and the latest version of Angular
  • Engineer and develop front-end implementations for a cloud-based IDE using Monaco Editor
  • Perform secure code reviews, web penetration testing, and SDLC consulting
  • R&D for both offensive and defensive security techniques
  • Contribute to open source security projects and collaborate with the broader application security community
  • Contribute to training presentations and coding tutorials for colleagues
November 2015 - July 2018

Software Engineer

  • Played an integral part in the success of the scrum team by developing and delivering user stories
  • Developed a Single Page Application using Java, AngularJS, Bootstrap CSS, and HTML5
  • Provided support for major software development reviews including initial requirements review and preliminary/incremental/critical design reviews
  • Provided support for scrum effort estimation and story points for software release development
  • Assisted with CDRL development on multiple documents including design, development, and peer reviews with a systems engineering team
December 2013 - November 2015


Virginia Commonwealth University

Bachelor of Science
Computer Science
August 2009 - December 2013


Programming Languages & Tools


Apart from being an Application Security Engineer and Software developer, I enjoy the outdoors with my wife, son, daughter, and dog. In the warmer months, my family and I spend the time back country camping, outdoor climbing, hiking, or simply relaxing by the pool. In the colder months, I enjoy watching movies with the family, coding, cooking, and indoor climbing. Additionally, my wife and I love photography! You can see our work below!